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My daughter has loved LOF and has matured in her walk with Jesus as well. Thanks for all you do!


My otherwise very shy 6 year old daughter just absolutely shines when she is dancing! We are so blessed to have found Leap of Faith.


I’m so glad that we found Leap of Faith!! My children love being a part of this amazing dance company. We see so much love and encouragement coming through the staff. I’m so thankful for such wonderful role models!


LOF is a great place for families to pursue the world of dance in a safe, family-friendly environment. When my daughter is there I don’t worry about the lyrics of the music she hears or about her wearing inappropriate costumes or make-up. I know the staff will “love all over her” and I am as impressed by the staff’s Christian character and role modeling as I am with the dance instruction.

Lee Ann

The quality dance instruction, the love and integrity of the staff, and the atmosphere of worship make Leap of Faith one of the finest dance companies we have known. Our daughter absolutely loves everything about it!


My daughter gained self confidence and new friendships.


Being involved in Leap of Faith is an excellent experience and I tell everyone about this ministry. We love the variety of routines taught.


I have nothing but praise for your staff and the recital. I enjoyed every minute. It is wonderful to see that much talent and love in one place. We love being a part of this dance company.


To our family, Leap of Faith is more than just dance. It is a family of believers being the hands and feet of Christ. Scripture commands us to teach our children about God. In every situation, whether we are at home, church, the store, or even at a dance class we are to teach them to pray, obey, and worship the Lord. Thank you Leap of Faith for being a living example of the Word of God.


So proud of ya’ll! Love you, love the studio, the program , the instructors. Wouldn’t want my daughter anywhere else. She is proud to dance here, thank you for all you do…so appreciative!


We love how the focus is on worshiping our Lord and not competing against each other. This program is just filled with love for each other.


The difference between Leap of Faith and traditional dance programs is the infusion of spirituality. I love how memorization of Bible texts, prayer during classes, and prayer for others are an integral part of the curriculum.


My daughters love dancing in a safe environment where dress and behavior is held to biblical standards. The dance teachers are experienced, creative and loving.


What I respect about Leap of Faith is that it is a true ministry. Kelly, Dawn, and the Staff love the children and make it their priority to represent Godliness as they teach dance. I love that my kids are taught to praise our God with dance. It is a great experience for all children and teenagers to diversify themselves with dance.


I like how the dancers pray in class. This is what separates Leap of Faith from all other dance classes. I also appreciate how you keep the cost low.


Leap of Faith cares about people.  From the students in the classes to the community at large.  They show kindness in ways that reflects back in the behavior of the students.  This is a place I want my daughter to be; not just to dance, but to be part of that kindness too.