355 Cherrington Rd, Westerville, OH 43081

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$53/Month includes a 45 minute class every week!

$63/Month includes a 60 minute class every week!

6 Week Sessions: $75

30 Minute Private Lessons Are Available Upon Request.

One-Time Annual Fees:

Registration Fee is $30 for one dancer or $40 for a family.

Red Carpet Recital Fee is $20.

Year-End Recital Fee is $70 for one dance or $80 for a family.

Every family who volunteers at recital will receive a 50% discount off their recital fee.




$20 per Month



Multiple Classes for an Individual

1st/6th class full price

2nd/7th class 20% off

3rd class 40% off

4th class 60% off

5th class FREE!

8 or more classes: Unlimited fee available

Multiple Children in a Family

1st/5th child full price

2nd/6th child 15% off

3rd/7th child 35% off

4th/8th child 90% off

9 or more children: Unlimited fee available

*No discounts for the 6-week sessions

*No discounts for the Master and Adult classes

*There are no sibling or multiple class discounts on summer registration